WELCOME TO Sleepy Dust® Bedtime Routine.

The Story of Sleepy Dust® is a vibrantly colorful, beautifully illustrated 8.5" x 11" hardcover children's book about a sleepy little girl, the Sleep Fairy and where Sleepy Dust® came from.

Sleepy Dust® is a high quality, embroidered plush toy. Sleepy Dust® has a real built-in music box that plays a soothing lullaby and has built in shaker sounds to simulate the sprinkling of the Sleep Fairy's Sleepy Dust®

  • Why we created Sleepy Dust Bedtime Routine

    If you’ve ever struggled with putting your child to bed, you know how challenging it can be to get them to bed and keep them there!

    Sleep is an essential need; one that is vital to every child’s health and growth. Sleep promotes alertness, memory and performance. Children who get enough sleep are more likely to function better and are less prone to behavioral problems, moodiness and obesity.

    Pediatricians recommend creating healthy, consistent routines, then sticking with them! A consistent bedtime routine makes it easier for your child to relax, fall asleep and sleep through the night.

    To help with our own kid's at bedtime, we were looking for a way to incorporate the research and advice from experts into a consistent, nurturing bedtime routine. So we created Sleepy Dust Bedtime Routine!

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  • How Sleepy Dust Bedtime Routine works

    Read the colorful Story of Sleepy Dust®, play a lullaby with the real, built in music box and use the built in shaker sound to simulate the sprinkling of Sleepy Dust® over your child each night or at naptime. The #1 tip for healthy, good sleeping habits in children is to follow a bedtime routine. Soft, cuddly Sleepy Dust® makes that bedtime routine fun for everybody and easier for your child to relax, fall asleep and sleep through the night. So put on your PJs, hop into bed and get ready to be tucked in with Sleepy Dust®. Bring Teddy along too. Sweet Dreams!


  • “I recently got this toy and even my 6, 8, and 9 year olds play with it! Unique gift for babies and one that new parents will appreciate, given the story that goes with it. Durable and well made.”


    “Just ordered this product, VERY IMPRESSED! Arrived very quicky, this is a high quality product. My child LOVES this! Wonderful way to spend bedtime with the kids. "Sprinkle" a little sleepy dust and it plays a lullaby to put them to sleep. Wish we had this for our first child! Great for kids that need to "wind down" before they go to sleep. ”

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  • “I got this for my nephew's birthday and according to my brother, the kid is hooked! Apparently it's been easier to get him to go to bed because of it. I know that's a big issue for a lot of parents out there, so this seems like a pretty low-stress solution.”

    Thomas Hanc
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